How to ace your interview in 3 steps.


It’s hard enough securing an interview when we are looking for something new, so we don’t want to blow it at interview stage. Let’s make sure we put our best foot forward in the interview and increase our chances by 80% of securing the role. Here’s how you do that, its quite simple and well just smart;

Step one: Research, Research and more Research
Always look the company up that you will be interviewing at and do your due diligence. Get to know what they do, how they do it and who their clients are. If you can find out more about the department you will be joining if successful then really dig deep and try and find some ‘titbit’ of information that you can mention in your interview to let them know that you have done some research. They will be very impressed and get a sense that you are serious about this opportunity and them as a future employer of choice. If you know the interviewers name then look them up on Facebook and Linkedin and get a sense of who they are and how they work. You can bet that they are checking you out too 😉 If you are a little hazy on something that is required in the role you are interviewing for then research it and refresh your mind on that particular topic. Nothing is worse than a pregnant pause of uncertainty when you are discussing your skill set with the interviewer, and can throw you off your game for the rest of the meeting and plant a seed of doubt in their minds as to your capability.

Step Two: Know yourself and Prepare
Work through your CV, think about the work you have done and what you have excelled at and what you have not done so well with – this will give you a sense of your strengths and weaknesses and what you will need a bit more training on. Think about the organisations and industries you have worked in and what you liked and didn’t like about the management style, operation and culture You will then have a clear picture what you want in a new organisation and role. Think about achievements in each role and jot them down. Review them before the interview so that you can, ‘ blow your own trumpet’ and display confidence. Finally work on what we call an ‘elevator pitch’ – Basically what you would say to the MD of the company in an elevator if you only had 2 minutes. You would then tie up what the job is asking for and what skills you have to match that and that is how you would sell yourself, by relaying that part of your profile that overlaps and creates the perfect fit for the role. This is like giving yourself a little ‘crash course’ on all that is you 🙂

Step Three: Look after yourself and feel your absolute best on the day
Ensure that you look and feel your best on the day. Prepare your outfit to ensure you look professional, neat and feel great. Make sure you sleep well the night before and feel refreshed and alert before going to your interview. Look and feel your best so that you can be confident and do your very best in the interview. Do not rush around beforehand. Be calm, manage your time well and go and get that job you want!

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