Career Advice, Guidance and Coaching

Feeling Lost? Unsure? Confused? 

Not quite sure of the direction you should be taking? 

So many careers out there, which one is best for you? 

Or perhaps you are in a career but feeling under-whelmed, unfulfilled, like something is missing or you are just plain bored?

Well, look no further! It’s TIME for a CHANGE!

You need Global Talent Mine to give you a bit of guidance

This platform is here to assist, guide, empower and enrich your personal and working life. 

 We will teach you how to appreciate the true uniqueness you have to offer this world.

 We will assist you to explore your inner self to discover you hidden passions and translate them into actual work that you can do.

 We will show you how to find your purpose, after a journey of exploring ‘the true self’.

 We will help you gain confidence in ‘who you are’, and ‘what you are good at’ – finding your true Niche!

Psychometric Testing

Our partners are leaders in the field of career guidance boasting 20 years of experience. We utilise “CAREER MAPPER” – a career counselling toolkit that enables us to assist candidates in identifying their career suitability & formulating their employability profile. 

This assessment is an effective and highly recommended addition to our ‘Career Advice, Guidance and Coaching’ program. You will receive a report which is generated and interpreted through a one on one chat with an assessor, a coaching guide to work through with your coach and access to a Careers Website. 

We spend 50% of our lives at work, so we had better ENJOY it!

We offer Career Advice, Guidance and Coaching in person, via skype or via email and phone. Whatever suits you and makes you comfortable, just discuss it with one of our coaching professionals.

Benefits of Career Coaching:

  1. Flexibility in mode of coaching service offered
  2. Enjoy the privacy of online coaching
  3. Have access and opportunity to purchase ebooks or additional courses offered
  4. Access professional advice locally, nationally and Internationally
  5. Saving you time as you do not need to travel to speak to one of our professionals
  6. Access to our informative, inspirational, motivational and generally 'mood-lifting' weekly emails, blog posts and interesting articles
  7. Achieve clarity on purpose
  8. Build personal and work confidence, in you and your abilities
  9. Find your passion and incorporate it into your work
  10. Finding your unique contribution to this world
  11. Merge your 'hobby' and your 'career', wherever possible
  12. Develop goals and vision, realise those goals and vision and generally being happy!

Decide to invest in YOURSELF today! You have to be the CHANGE you want to see and feel !