Full Recruitment Lifecycle

The Full 360 degree recruitment lifecycle can be a long, tedious, time consuming process, which can turn into an all-encompassing task, leaving you no time to focus on your other responsibilities.

We can do it for you! Just Ask!! Global Talent Mine is here to help

We can assist with one step or a few steps or the entire recruitment lifecycle. Our talent specialists have over 25 years' experience within recruitment and selection and would gladly assist. Your search for a new Talent Gem will be dealt with swiftly, professionally and with care. 

We would be delighted to start our journey with you to becoming business partners - extensions of your business. Enhancing your industry with fresh new Talent.

The 'Talent Gem' Finding Process

Our talent specialist would get a thorough complete brief from the hiring manager covering technical and behavioural competences needed and required. We know how important it is to not only find that special Talent Gem, that can execute their function with ease but also to find someone that can blend into the team dynamics and be 'part of the furniture' in no time. Culture / personality fit can be just as important as technical ability. We can even assist you with job description creation, if this is a new role within your organisation. Should you set Global Talent Mine the noble quest of running your full recruitment process. The steps in the process are indicated below in the process flow diagram.

Global Talent Mine assist with the following steps individually (if that would be your preference)


  1. Assisting you with creating your job description (especially if it's a new role)
  2. Writing your job ad to be catchy & pull in more interesting & better suited responses
  3. Working through ad responses & drawing up a shortlist without vetting.
  4. 'First' interviewing candidates providing you with a report on suitability & thorough interview notes.
  5. Reference checking of candidates.
  6. Candidate background checks (criminal, credit, ID verification, qualification check and drivers licence check).
  7. Online Skill testing and assessment of candidates as requested
  8. Developing talent pools of scarce skills (working in partnership with your recruitment team).
  9. Run headhunting projects exclusively.

Benefits of using this service


  1. Seasoned professionals assisting you, who are dedicated, thorough & professional giving qualified advice & support
  2. Freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your role & responsibilities.
  3. Regular updates & fast efficient service
  4. Thorough work done to protect you (the Client), your colleagues and your business
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