Hi Everyone, Lee-Anne here 🙂 As we come to the end of January, I wanted to ask all of you what New Year Resolutions you have and how you are getting on, at this stage?

I prefer to think of them as goals or achievements set into motion. I decided that I would take this business to the next level, and stop waiting for everything to be perfect, and I have made a start on that journey, which is looking to be fruitful but more importantly a start! – so I am very excited!

On a more personal level, I want to get healthy, achieve my goal weight and get fit, and have made a start there too. In just two weeks, I am 3 Kilos (6,6 pounds) down, sleeping a lot better and feeling a lot more focused so the next step is to get going with the exercise to boost weight-loss and get fit! Wish me luck….;)

So I would love to hear your thoughts?  You are not alone and one key to effectively achieving your goals (whether big or small), is to be accountable to someone else. So don’t do it alone, talk, update and celebrate your victories with others 🙂

You have unlimited power – release it!

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