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We have individual pricing for all services as well as combination packages, where you can see that if you sign up for a longer term, you get nice savings and additional services thrown in as a bonus, with NO extra charge.

As we are all individuals and our Organisations have different needs, we can design a unique package just for you, that will best suit your needs and your company recruitment budget. These tailor-made packages will contain your specific selection from all of our services and we will add a BONUS element that will sweeten the deal! These special packages can only be arranged for 3 months + subscription terms. OR you can simply select one of the packages below and even add a few add-on’s to select your own special bundle. It’s up to you!

10 Benefits of using Global Talent Mine Job Board

  1. Free promotion on a multitude of additional Job Boards & Advertising sites
  2. Free online company profile & company branding on each ad placed, even during the free trial
  3. Unlimited ad response saved to your dashboard, so no clogging up your personal inbox
  4. Promotion of any 'Video marketing media' on our You Tube channel
  5. Free featured jobs & company brand promotion on our home page
  6. Free onsite, live chat support, online & telephonic support and training
  7. Promotion of company brand & available vacancies across social media
  8. Fresh & relevant talent driven to your ads by our Candidate Management specialist team
  9. Access to specialist services to assist you with the 360 degree demands of a HR and Recruitment role
  10. Access to an extensive, current and continuously growing candidate database.

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Jobs Packages ( See CV Packages Below)

R01 Years


  • 99999 Maximum Jobs in 1 Years
  • 1 years duration
  • Post unlimited vacancies. Free registration and profile builder. All ads will be company branded with your Company logo. Company Brand promoted on the home page. Promotion on all social media platforms and across a multitude of other job boards and ad sites. Select the Free Trial CV access package to access our candidate database. Access to unlimited ad response stored on your dashboard.
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CV Packages

Free Candidate View*

R0.00 only

View all candidate CV's free for 30 Days! 10 CV Downloads *Only one free Trail per Company

Access to 10 Resumes 30 Days Duration


R25.00 only

One CV Download

Access to 1 Resumes 6 Years Duration


R2000.00 only

Unlimited CV Downloads 1 Free featured Job.

Access to 0 Resumes 1 Months Duration


R1500.00 only

Unlimited CV Downloads 2 Free featured Job.

Access to 9999999 Resumes 3 Months Duration


R1000.00 only

Unlimited CV Downloads 3 Free featured Job.

Access to 9999999 Resumes 6 Months Duration