Candidate Checks


Checking your potential next employees before hiring, is of vital importance today. The CV only gives you the information that the candidates wants you to know, highlighting all the positives and no negatives or weaknesses. You, the Client cannot make an informed decision based on this information. The information you "don't know" is very often "the problem", which could cost you and your company to haemorrhage time, effort and money. It could also have a serious impact on your reputation with your peers and subordinates, potentially putting you in a bad light should you make a "bad hire!"
By conducting some or all of the candidate checks, you will be equipped with enough information to make an informed choice. These checks will reassure you that you are getting the right fit for your team, both on a technical and behavioural basis and that you are avoiding making poor and costly hiring mistakes. Therefore, further checks are 100% needed in order to make a new hire.


You have an obligation to your workforce and your company, to mitigate risk. This is why Global Talent Mine does candidate checks before hiring our own staff and would recommend our clients do the same, making it a natural step in the final stages of your recruitment process.

So when do you do these checks?

Definitely before making any kind of an offer. The best thing to do is build it into your recruitment cycle, and cement "candidate checks" in after the shortlist has been finalised, so that you may take your interview notes, interviewers notes and observations and review them in conjunction with the checks you have requested making an informed decision.



Global Talent Mine has formed a Business Partnership with a team of experts, who assist us with completing the following checks for you;

Qualification Check

We verify most qualifications Globally

Criminal Checks

SA Only currently

Credit Checks

SA Only currently - only completed if the role is based in Finance and/or deals with money.

Bureaus we use:

ITC, Experian & XDS

Driving Licence Check

Public Driving Permit - PDP

SA Only

Reference Checks

2 usually done unless more requested (Only completed with Line Managers, on landline numbers and position of referee verified with HR Department)

Other Checks

Professional Association Memberships - SA & UK

Citizenship & Residency 

Bank Verification

FIAS Comprehensive

Give our team of dedicated professionals a call today! We can give you peace of mind!