The Talent Mine

(For the Employer / Recruiter)

Global Talent Mine Job Board & e-Recruitment Services, offers you all sorts of Talent at your fingertips, with a growing talent pool of ‘Persons with Disabilities’.  We are a rapidly growing Job Board that caters for all types of Talent, from all sorts of industries, along with offering additional services to ensure your selection is the right fit for your role. 

Know where to look for the GEMS you need to enhance your business !  

Our free Job Advertising site saves you the time of trawling through irrelevant ad response, by offering an unlimited database of candidates waiting to be your "rare new Gem", filled with the exact Talent you need.


We guarantee that we will offer you a great saving on your current recruitment spend, freeing up your budget for other use in your business, as well as saving you time so that you can focus on other role responsibilities.  

Totally for FREE! No compromise on Quality.

We look forward to Business Partnering with you!


  • Advertise your vacancies and receive ad response for FREE
  • Expanding database of ‘Persons with Disabilities’ Talent Gems
  • Access to our rapidly growing database of Talent, for a small fee
  • Psychometric Assessments to ensure a great fit to your role and improve your staff retention
  • Career Coaching and Counselling services for your staff
  • Interview skills training for Hiring Managers and Recruiters
  • Candidate Skill Testing to ensure Technical Competence
  • Offering packages to you the client, that are unique, time saving and cost effective

We aim to be an extension of your business enhancing your operation and bottom line.