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Things to do if bored during lock-down

So are the 4 walls closing in on you? Your spouse and children skating on thin ice? Not able to focus 100% on work? Then do a few of these rather productive, interesting and fun tasks:

  1. Start a money-saving challenge
  2. Unsubscribe your email
  3. Backup your computer
  4. Meditate
  5. Write an eBook
  6. Organize your laptop
  7. Take an online course
  8. Organize your online presence
  9. Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude
  10. Do a photography challenge (See separate post)
  11. Have a power nap
  12. Turn up the music and dance
  13. Train your brain
  14. Plan a vacation for when this crisis is over
  15. Try out a new recipe
  16. Sew on a missing button or two or three…..
  17. Create a favourite recipe folder
  18. Weed your garden and driveway
  19. Rearrange your furniture
  20. Spring clean your home
  21. Finish unfinished projects
  22. Bake cakes and biscuits with your kids
  23. Plant new flowers and trees
  24. Create your budget
  25. Research money – making opportunities
  26. Meal prep for the next week
  27. Learn another language
  28. Start a journal
  29. Watch a Ted Talk
  30. Create an emergency kit
  31. Create a first Aid kit
  32. Take a break from Social Media
  33. Create a bucket list
  34. Have a picnic in the garden or lounge with your family instead of sitting at the dining room table
  35. Play games onlineEnjoy yourself! Be creative and hang in there 🙂
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