Welcome, to our first ever blog post on our new and improved site! The start of many to come to document Global Talent Mines’ journey; sharing insights, trials and tribulations, funnies, laughter, interests, philosophical moments, interests, screams (of joy and delight), tips and advice, things we find different and interesting. Basically, just sharing everything with you.

We are a multi-passionate creative bunch, that have connected the dots and started a business and life we love. Today we are… launching Global Talent Mine – embarking on a journey to add value and make a difference in people’s lives.
WOW, this has been a “Wild Ride” to get us to this point. As this has been a massive project, we have learnt a lot about expectations, promises, deliveries, disappointments, awe at the level of work produced, delays and surprises. 8 months of ideas-generation, planning, excitement, designing, laughing, investigating, researching, crying, learning (totally by error) – did I say crying?? It has truly been a mad, dramatic, awesome and totally exhilarating ride! All of which has led us to this point – Launching Global Talent Mine!

So sign up today, don’t delay

You really won’t regret it!

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