HR Consulting

HR roles continue to grow once you are working in them. There are always things happening at inopportune times and it can get overwhelming as there are usually a lot of demands made on your time. Sometimes you just need a bit of a helping hand, fresh pair of eyes or a different perspective. Perhaps you are understaffed, or developing, or don't quite have the expertise on your staff. 

Our HR Specialist consultants are available to assist, during those times when you wish you could clone yourself, to deal with demanding situations that tend to have urgency, all at once.

Due to the diverse nature of the skill sets within our HR Specialist team, we can virtually assist in all areas of Human Resources and Recruitment. The main services offered currently are as follows;


The main services offered currently are as follows:

  1. Competency-based Interview Skills Training for Hiring Managers
  2. On boarding and Induction of new staff
  3. Exit Interviews after resignation
  4. Staff planning
  5. Staff Development and Training
  6. Work / Life Balance
  7. General and Career Counselling and Coaching
  8. Payroll Outsourcing

Our main goal is to become your business partners, contributing to the success of your business.

Don't Delay! Call Us Today! and get the assistance you need, especially if you cannot see your particular need, on the list. All you have to do is ask and our HR Specialists will tell you honestly if they can assist or not.