About Us

Global Talent Mine Job Board, is a one-stop shop, for all your recruitment needs.

We aim to take the effort, time and stress out of your recruitment process, providing you with a cost-effective, time-saving and yet professional option. The beauty of the service we offer, is that you decide what you need and want, and we design a package unique to your business needs and desires. You may want to use our Job Board to advertise your open vacancies or combine it with our Specialist Services we offer.

The Talent 'Gem' Hunters and Gatherers

'We are a bunch of committed, Passionate, thorough, dedicated and big-hearted creatives, who want to help enhance lives and businesses.... In short, it means a lot to us!'

Our MD, Lee-Anne Silver, has been in the HR and Recruitment industry for 23 years. She has worked in Recruitment Consultancies and Corporate HR Departments both in South Africa and the UK. Being a strategic, ideas- generator she has developed this company to address the high levels of unemployment in the world today, as well as facilitating the hiring process by making all kinds of skill sets available to Small, Medium and Corporate clients, from all different types of industries. Her goal is for Global Talent Mine Job Board & e-Recruitment Services to become a 'household name' when thinking about staffing and Recruitment solutions. 

The Team want to be an extension of your business to help save time.......

save money & improve your bottom-line!

We are launching ‘Talent Solutions’ into the future!

Our Services

Global Talent Mine is MORE than just a Job Board, where you can "mine" (search) for your "Talent Gems", we also offer some very specialised services that clients and candidates wouldn't ordinarily get when posting vacancies on your traditional Job boards, or searching for new job opportunities.

Advertise a job

Recruiters can advertise jobs easily from the dashboard. Simply complete the required fields.

CV search

Simply purchase your package and start searching immediately.

Employer Recruiter Profiles

Read more about our clients advertising on Global Talentmine.

Career Advice, Guidance and Coaching

You need Global Talent Mine to give you a bit of guidance. This platform is here to assist, guide, empower and enrich your personal and working life. 

Candidate Checks

Checking your potential next employees before hiring, is of vital importance today. The CV only gives you the information that the candidates wants you to know, highlighting all the positives and no negatives or weaknesses.

CV Advice, Design & Creation

Feeling that your CV is inadequate to assist you to "win" the role you want and know you are a good match for?

Search Jobs

Register for free and search all the available jobs from our Recruiters/Employers.

Full Recruitment Lifecycle

We can manage the complete recruitment process for you, or individual aspects of it.

HR Consulting

We offer our expert services to address all HR related matters on your behalf.

Vision, Values and Mission

Our Vision

Global Talent mine's aim is to create an online recruitment platform and network, linking organisations with the desired talent gems they seek. We provide clients and candidates with networking opportunities that promise to change their lives. In addition, this online platform has become a 'one-stop' shop for all your recruitment needs, designed specifically to save you time and money. We believe the candidate deserves every chance to secure themselves a brilliant role and that each individual has their own unique contribution to make to this world. With this in mind, we offer tips, advice, guidance and industry updates to equip candidates with the necessary tools to win clients over during the interview process. 

We strive to 'lighten the load', instil confidence, save time, offer professional support and assistance with the end goal of changing lives and fostering exciting new career connections.          


Our Core Values

-              Honesty

-              To be Committed

-              To be Consistent

-              To be Courageous

-              To be Inspiring 

-              To be Determined

-              To have Integrity

-              To be Passionate

-              To be Trustworthy

-              To be Collaborative

-              To be Professional

We aim to base all of our interactions with candidates and clients on the core values at all times. We want Organisations and Individuals alike, to be empowered to make the best and most rewarding choices, laying a foundation for a life where you will flourish, grow and be happy.

Our Mission

We want to offer CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to solve clients recruitment needs while OFFERING OPPORTUNITY to candidates searching for a new career move. Thereby EMPOWERING POSITIVE CHANGE, for both our clients and candidates alike.

Global Talent Mine have a DESIRE TO ENHANCE, and an AMBITION TO EXCEL!

"Think change...

Make the leap of faith...

Be the change with determination in your heart"

  • I’d like to start by thanking Global talent mine recruitment team for finding me a job that suits me. Lee-Anne dealt with me personally and went out of her way to find me the perfect position. She handled the process with the highest professionalism and even after I started my role, we regularly chat to ensure I am still happy.

    I’m currently employed by Devcotech and I am more than happy – my ideal role. The work is both challenging and satisfying.

    I recommend that anyone looking for a new job should register on Global Talent Mine’s website. Global Talent Mine will either help you find a new role or potential employers will be able to find you on their site. Global Talent Mine team will do their best and nothing less.

    Willie Van Niekerk

    Design Electrical Engineer
  • Service received was professional and friendly.  Accommodates the client - even at hours outside office hours.  Affordable and effective.  I have already recommended Global Talent Mine services.

    Henré Gerber

    regarding the CV advice, design and Creation services as well as Recruitment Service

Media Centre

Global Talent Mines’ one true goal is to add value, enhance, keep you motivated and on the odd occasion entertained. Keep an eye on this stream daily. You will find our newsletters filled with interesting and informative information,  industry specific articles of interest, helpful tips & advice, hot topics, a blog (the entertaining part), Social Media Channels, current hot jobs on the site and the opportunity to comment and add to our posts. Read through our entertaining thoughts, inspirations, motivations & generally loads of what we care about. We may let you know what the team gets up to on occasion, you may stumble across some poignant insight, a blog her or there & a tip you cannot believe you lived without. Don’t forget to share your opinion and thoughts on any of the posts!

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